Here's the breakdown: Tranny = gear 300.

I have used their brake fluids for years.

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May 9, 2023 · For the transmission I'd get motul gear 300 or redline 75w90 NS others have said amsoil SVG but I never used it.

in the gear box and rear diff.

Motul Gear 300's neck extends, but not enough to get all of the fluid in without crushing the hell out of the bottle to get. subaru. Filter Parts By Car.

Motul Gear Oil.

. . I was having some trouble with my Subaru BRZ's transmission with hot temperatures and on the racetrack.

fc-falcon">4 Reviews | Add Your Review. I did like both motul and redline in my fleet of MT subarus.

Red Line 58404.


99. Technosynthese lubricant for a better resistance at high temperature and longer life time.

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I have tried Redline 75w-90NS, Amsoil Sever Gear 75w-90 GL-5, Royal Purple 75w-90 GL5, and the OEM Toyota Gear Oil Super 75w-90 in my transmission.
The redline 75W90 has the friction modifiers required for the 06 STI rear diff and meets/exceedes the subrau required rating for the fluid.

6 Speed Transmission & Rear Diff - 5L Extra-S & 1L OEM Subaru LSD Oil $128 shipped.

Included: 5x 105777’s - Motul 1L Transmission GEAR 300 75W90 - Synthetic Ester P.

. The land of USA-made Subies! Mar 3, 2023 #1 So, as everyone knows from my past posts, I am a big fan of Motul's Gear 300 especially in Subaru differentials. I am aware that I need to run the 90 PA Limited-Slip Differential in.

BoostJunkie. com link for the Extra MT and you will see the part num. SKU: 105777 We price match! Out of Stock. . 47.


The Motul makes a. Specially designed for the transmission of high performance and racing vehicles: Track, Rally, Rally Raid, electric vehicles transmission.

This of course would be for the Tranny and front diff.

The 75W90NS is what I am going to use in the Transaxle wich also meets/exceeds the surbaru required rating.


I just flushed everything and put in Motul 300 Gear oil (trans & rear diff) and have no complaints.